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Well, my blog certainly wouldn’t be complete without having an article or two about dog‘s (and wolves) You see I have an 80% wolf hybrid, crossbred with husky. He is a great dog and his name is Timber. He is a 6 year old intact male and I plan on breeding him soon just the one time before I get him fixed. I would love to keep the blood line going as he is the last of his litter, most of his brothers and sisters are gone as far as I know.

I got Timber after my last dog, Susie was put down due to old age and bad health. I never thought I would get a dog again, as it was very painful because I was very close to her. But as fate would have it about 8 months to a year after Susie passed, I received a call from a guy who ran a private dog shelter (whom I had asked to let me know if he came across any huskies) saying that there were a litter of huskies I may want to come look at.

So off we went, my wife, my son and myself to the shelter with no high expectations. On the way I remember telling my wife and son not to get too friendly with them as we may not be leaving with one. Well that lasted all but a minute after entering as they both were all over the puppies. As soon as I laid eyes on them I knew they were wolves, as I was raised up north and I hunt and spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

After I asked the man what was the story on these pups, he had told me that there was a farm 8 hours north of where I live that had champion breed husky sled dogs and the dogs always slept outside chained up. One night they were surrounded, and one of the females was mounted and the rest is history. All of the pups were in very poor shape with fleas, worms,  high fevers, and dry tongues and hot noses to the touch.

We took Timber home and within the first hour realized that he was really ill. Off to the vet we went. Well when he arrived one of  his brothers (a pure white one with bright blue eyes) was also there receiving medical attention. We met the owners while we were picking Timber out of the litter, as a matter or fact. We almost took that exact pup but Ryan, my son had already picked out our dog and had him named before we could choose. Well $1500.00 later and lots of medication and overnight stays he did get better. The brother on the other hand didn’t make it. He passed away the very same day.

Timber is a very healthy animal and his puppy hood was that of a monster. He was destructive but playful and very strong willed. He was one of the hardest dogs, actually the hardest dog I had ever trained and I have considerable experience with dogs. He turned out to be the best dog/wolf anyone could ask for. Great with children, good watchdog, lovable and extremely loyal, especially to me.

Please take a look and enjoy the pictures. I will post more on Timber at a later date. If you want to share the story of your dog, please feel free I would love to hear it.

Just post below or send it to me to be posted or if you choose I will not post it.



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