Robert Cray Concert Review

For those of you familiar with Robert Cray, you will know what I mean when I say “he is without a doubt one of the most immaculate guitar players alive today”. Okay, so that’s an Eric Clapton quote from his Crossroads tour, speaking very highly of Roberts musicianship. I couldn’t agree more! For those of you that aren’t familiar with Roberts work, all I can say is: your missing out!! If you like guitar blues with a serious but playful overtone, done with the amazing guitar work by Robert himself. Backed by an awesome top notch band, including bassist Richard Cousins, who in my opinion is one of the best bass players for that genre of music.

OK to the concert! Well it was a last minute decision to go, as a friend called me and told me he had picked up 2 ticket’s and we are going tonight! (Wednesday) So I thought, what the hell! A great night out with a really close old friend sitting in an live setting watching one of my favorite guitarists.. no way I’m missing that! I should begin by saying that this is not the first time I have seen Robert live. I have probably seen him well over a dozen times in concert. Never a disappointment.

Well my friend picked me up at about 6pm and off we went to Hamilton convention center, which I have been before to see him the previous year and it’s a great intimate setting to see any live band. Although, this time it was in a different hall. We get in there and our usher brings us to our seats. damn, the closest to the stage for Robert that I have ever been. Second row center, directly in from of Mr. Cray himself. 10 feet away. This is going to be one awesome show!

The other bonus to this concert was that he had an opening act, which again was a first for Robert unless hes playing a festival. The opening act was called The Steve Strongman band. they are a hometown Hamilton band that very much reminds me of Colin James. I had never heard them before although, my buddy had. Well they come on and I have to say I was blown away. these guys right from the opening song were a tight, well rehearsed blues band.


Then Robert takes the stage, and well, buckle up the seat belt because he played as always, like a god. I won’t get into each song except to say that it was one of the shortest sets he has done. Probably, because he had an opening band, but I am not complaining. just wish he played a little longer because an hour and a half at the most was a little short. He did, however do a encore in which he played 3 more songs.

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Robert did play some of his more recognized songs along with several even I hadn’t heard before. It was in short a fantastic evening out to see an amazing quartet of  living legends in the blues world. thank you Robert and company for yet another great show.



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