My Personal Struggle With Crohn’s Disease.

My Personal Struggle With Crohn’s Disease

Hello,and welcome to my My Personal Struggle With Crohn’s Disease. This section is dedicated to the painful (albeit, somewhat boring) life of someone living with Crohn’s Disease and other related illnesses.

Ten’s of millions of people suffer from this disease in North America alone, and the number is growing at an alarming rate. There is no known cause or cure for this disease and many other autoimmune diseases.As far as cause goes, there are lot’s of theories, including: environmental, diet, and genetics.

I currently take injections as well as a cocktail of other medications to try and control my C.D. and the related illnesses and really don’t think they help anymore. Although, the only way to really tell how well they are working is to completely stop. That can’t happen, especially with the injections (Humira). I have been on almost every drug known for this illness with pretty much the same results. There is no known cause or cure for C.D. and the maintenance drugs are not always successful with everyone and I am one of those people unfortunately.

I was first diagnosed in 1994 ( although, I was sure something was wrong years before), I was told a lot of things that weren’t really true.well let me elaborate on that before I start making it sound like malpractice, because that was not the case at all. you see, back then it was still not even discovered that it is genetic, and we since know that isn’t true. So therefore doctors were only going by the information that was in front of them. Also I was told that I could eat anything I wanted and it wouldn’t affect me at all. well, again thats wrong too. Again, not enough information.

The only way I was able to learn about C.D was to go to the library and internet to get as much information as I possibly could. and I did just that. I actually became (over the years) quite medically educated, as does anyone who has a chronic or terminal condition. My point here, is that education makes all the difference. So, if you are suffering from C.D. Or anything else for that matter, make it easy on yourself and load up on any information you can get your hands on. Hopefully, this blog can help you with that very thing. I will be posting links to all necessary websites and writing posts, so check back often for updates.

More to come….


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